Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Journey to Ironhood II: Week 27

Week 27: 19-25 Sep 

A tree cannot grow without first a seed that dies, falls to the ground, and re-planted back into the earth. That, would be a visual parallel to what I'm about to undertake in 27 weeks' time. 

Following the misadventure of an Iron pursuit last month in the beautiful, historic city of Regensburg, Germany, and a broken heart quickly nursed back to health by a team of amazingly supportive spouse, family, friends and triathletes, I am back with a vengeance of training and preparing for a redemption race to take place in March 2012... the inaugural IronMan Melbourne Championships. 

We never quite stop learning in this lifetime. Some of us never stop TRI-ing. So here I am, laying down my life once again on the line, and undertake to train the best I can, to find myself Down Under on 25 March 2012, amongst some of the best triathletes in the world, for a piece of the Iron pie. 

I will, as I did previously, be posting weekly updates on the progress of my training, to share an intimate part of my sporting pursuit with those that care to join me in my adventure by reading and experiencing the thrills and kills, the highs and lows of my second attempt at attaining Ironhood. 

Thanks for lending your eyes. Here's pressing on to Melbourne!