Friday, September 20, 2013

Life & Death: We're stronger

We're different but one. We're diverse but united. We're intricately & uniquely joined together by the bond of humanity.

Even if it ain't someone terribly close to us, but the fact that a fellow human being who shares the same breath of air, drives down the same road as you, or share the interests, perspiration and labor, when you learn of their demise in the very act of active pursuit of the sport that binds you as one - that pulls a tight tug on your heart, a hard grip on your soul and wears you down like a heavy cloak of grey… death of a fellow being, athlete, neighbour, colleague, friend, family - their demise rocks us as a people.

How do we brace ourselves in the face of such loss and stand stronger despite the quiver in our hearts and spirit? We must, call to mind, the ones that remain, the ones that are close by, the ones that we love, protect and shelter; we must, at all times, regard each other in utmost respect, honesty, warmth, hospitality, kindness and gentleness, for in the absence of their presence, we would bear the guilt of not affording them what is so easily within our power to give - the act of grace and love.