Thursday, August 31, 2006

Baby Steps, Not Leaps & Bounds

We could all do with progressive dosages of patience. I know I definitely could. We want success tomorrow achieved by others in a considerable length of time. We think we may just be that rare group of talented individuals who could skip the gruelling challenge of upward climbing the ladder of toil, long hours, practice, persistence, endurance and patience in order to reach the highest rung of the much delusive "success".

Fact is, success is inevitable in the forward journey of life, with the application of right principles plus the knowledge that success comes in baby steps, not in leaps and bounds. Not a welcoming fact, is it? Yet you know you agree. Because we have all walked the same road of disappointment and discouragement when our image of success wasn't achieved within the timeline we set ourselves to achieve - and we discovered that we have set too high a dream within too short a time. Our bubble of self aggrandizement which burst right in our face rudely awakened us to an honest self evaluation to redirect our steps so we do not slip into the pithole of despondence, and God forbid, depression.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I believe in being better. Not getting better, but being better. At 28 today, I believe in days tomorrow worth conquering. Even if I'm 60 today. Or 70. Even 80, at the edge of humanity. Each breath is prove of life; each day is prove of God's grace; and my life + His grace is sufficient to progress, not regress. So help me God.

Panoramic Shot

The effect of my brand new Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman Phone which enables pictures to be taken in a panoramic frame, i.e. up to 3 shots per frame.
This is a 2-shot frame.

Havin' a Pool of a Time

Monday, August 28, 2006


I can’t sit still and for long. Though it may be an art or activity that totally enraptures my attention, it can only be for a fleeting moment before my body starts to rebel and whims to move about and my shifts its focus. Many says that it’s a matter of mind over body – that I can train myself to stay focus on what I do and to lengthen my attention span – especially in areas/matters that interests me or are important to me. For instance, I love reading – and the effect of that is that I love to write as well. But for the better of me and much to my personal dismay, I read – at most an hour. I write – at most an hour before my body starts convulsing to force me out of my literary serenity. I’d need a break before I get back to the routine.

Another thing is, I don’t write – I scribble – because: (1) words in my brain form quicker than the speed and control of my poor hands, and (2) I don’t have the patience to form my words beautifully or artistically or visibly readable – so long as I pen down what I need to – that’s sufficient. So, bottom line is, I’m impatient.

You know, I’ve even contemplated having coffee sometime with a mind specialist (yes, I’m trying hard to avoid the professional label “psychiatrist”) to help me figure out my capricious nature and hopefully, shed some light so I can be more effective in my daily conduct.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The grass is always greener on the other side

Human nature is such, we think that the grass is greener on the other side. Yet reality often awaken us to the fact that it is not so. The grass is NOT always greener on the side. The grass is green here where you are, where I am.

Feed on your current pasture, wherever that may be.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


An old blues line goes:

"I got the key to the Highway,
Booked down and I'm bound to go
I'm going to leave here running
'cause walkings most too slow."

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Narrow is the Path

I ran into open arms and warm embrace. Welcome to the morning, he greeted me with a smile as he lifted me up above the platform of creation and landed me gently on green pastures. Look all around you and see that nothing is out of reach. I resolved to remember his words always.

There are numerous open roads to different places. Squinting my eyes, I can barely make out a narrow path that is littered with rocks and weeds and small creatures. Yet I know for a certainty the narrow path is the surest way. I remember someone once said, if you want to do something great, choose the narrow path. Narrow is the path the great dares tread.

Monday, August 14, 2006

My Ladies

My indulgence in reading has introduced me to a large world beyond mine (mine’s disgustingly small, I confess) – it has brought me across the shores of the tropical peninsula and tiny garden city to the proud American soil, introducing me to its rich resource of phenomenal women. My introduction to these charismatic ladies has been a journey of discovery and healing for me personally.

I have previously posted separated entries on my heroines; this post now serves as a combined tribute to my life-shapers.

My inexpressible gratitude to these heroines I have never met in person, and I may never do, but in the event I do by divine appointment, the cheeriest lady I would be. ;)

I learnt extreme discipline from the orderly life of Condoleezza Rice.

I learnt empathy and patience towards colored people through Maya Angelou’s detailed autobiography of her struggle to overcome prejudice, discrimination and abuse.

I learnt the power of charisma and truth enmeshed in media through Oprah’s talk show which has the far reaching effect of influence and inspiration.

A three-cord common thread runs through all 3 women – colored skin, wisdom and tenacity.

I do believe the color of their skin opened wide the door of narrow paths and dark alleys that generated much grit and inner strength for them to scale heights that many others, particularly the whites have not the privilege to encounter.

When culture and society gather all they have to push you down and trap you in, you get large on the inside, rise above the tide, and triumph over impossibilities.

Disclaimer: No amount of research I put up on my blog space here would justify the wide expanse of these women’s contribution and influence to their society and worldwide. For more information, may I suggest you google them up. Cheers.

More on Oprah

I just watched another episode of Oprah on StarWorld TV. Iconic figures and personnels, the rich and famous, the envy of all society across geographical regions view it an honor, a privilege to appear on her show. Here's the influence of Oprah, the inspiration to women (and c'mon, admit it gentlemen, you too) worldwide.

Here's an excerpt from

"Winfrey stands as a beacon, not only in the worlds of media and entertainment
but also in the larger realm of public discourse. At 44, she has a personal fortune estimated at more than half a billion dollars. She owns her own production company, which creates feature films, prime-time TV specials and home videos. An accomplished actress, she won an Academy Award nomination for her role in The Color Purple, and this fall will star in her own film production of Toni Morrison's Beloved.

But it is through her talk show that her influence has been greatest. When Winfrey talks, her viewers — an estimated 14 million daily in the U.S. and millions more in 132 other countries — listen. Any book she chooses for her on-air book club becomes an instant best seller. When she established the "world's largest piggy bank," people all over the country contributed spare change to raise more than $1 million (matched by Oprah) to send disadvantaged kids to college. When she blurted that hearing about the threat of mad-cow disease "just stopped me cold from eating another burger!", the perceived threat to the beef industry was enough to trigger a multimillion-dollar lawsuit (which she won)."

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Oprah on Life

She emerged from poverty and abuse to being one of the highest paid women talk show hosts in America today. Her career on t.v. appeals to millions worldwide, bringing on people and topics quite unlike the typical media content. Wholesome, truthful, informative as well as therapeutic, The Oprah Winfrey Show tops charts and bags awards throughout its 20 years in show history. Women all round the world love Oprah because here is one who has the courage, charisma and confidence to speak like no other American icon.

Here are a couple of quotes from Oprah which I find astounding:

"I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose a child or a family member. I wonder: Will [victims of the Oklahoma federal building bombing] ever sle
ep again?

My father turned my life around by insisting I could be more than I was.

Although I'm grateful for the blessings of wealth, it hasn't changed who I am. My feet are still on the ground. I'm just wearing better shoes.

My grandmother taught me that prayer is the most valuable tool you could have. And always pray on your knees because one day you won't be able to bend down."

Friday, August 11, 2006

Dark Clouds

I'm thankful for bright lights and dark clouds. It's easy to cheer when friends are many, fun is overflowing and activities abound. It's quite another to squeeze out a wide smile on the inside that is genuinely strong.

Nevertheless when I consider the dark clouds, in all honesty, I found them to be the best rite of passage. And no one can ever erase my genuinely strong wide smile which I've mastered.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Asian Girl

The beauty of an Asian is in her gentleness and grace. She knows her place in her family, she knows not to over rule in the presence of males, she knows not to speak till deemed appropriate. She receives instructions with humility, carries them out with diligence and coins her craft to perfection. She is the pearl of the orient.

The infiltration of media and foreigners changed the entire landscape of the continent. Suddenly she is exposed to vulgar cultures of explicit sensuality and notoriety. With change and uncertainty comes confusion and doubt. She questions her upbringing, culture, education and belief system. She wavers in her principles. She lowers her values. She flings her arms wide in reckless abandonment. She lost her soul in the large deep ocean of the west.

She finds herself beaten by rough waters and crashed on by gigantic waves. She tries to befriend her enemy by cooperating (she hasn’t been taught how to handle adverse situations) and finds herself taking in more of that which she tries to shield herself from. It goes deep into her and makes her nauseous and she vomits large gulps of filth and junk.

She sees a passing fishing boat. They fish her out of the boisterous waters and bring her to temporary safety. She is tended to and given warm food, drinks and clothes. She sees kind eyes and feels compassionate arms around her.

They are eyes and arms of her people. They bring her home to where she belongs.

Things are different. She can feel it. It tingles in her bone. It rings in her ears. It causes an ache in her heart, a tear in her soul. She walks out into the streets once again in search of her lost innocence and sees foreign eyes every corner she turns. Where do I go from here, she silently begs an answer from her Creator.

Friday, August 04, 2006

First & Last

Chill, even hard at work you can find some funny things to laugh about. Check out this absolutely funny riddle I found in the course of my work...

Q: What did the instructor at the school for Kamikaze pilots say to his students?

A: Watch closely. I'm only going to do this once.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


I was new
They taught me to walk
I run along
I trudge slow
I fly high
Then bham!
I rub dirt off my knee
And blood clots off my hands
I run again
That is all I know
Passion fuels me
Indifference slows me
With meaning all things are bearable
I strike a balance
I walk now
Through the tunnel which I’m told
Will end
Been walking a long many months
This tunnel winds endlessly
This battle rages on
I hold my banner high
My hands weaken
My legs tremble
My heart fails
I drop my banner
At the foot of the tree

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In You I Trust

When I know that You're all that I need, I've nothing to fear. You're everywhere... what is there to fear? My God who made me mighty shall make me mightier yet. He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no end can stand]. - Psa 91:1