Thursday, August 31, 2006

Baby Steps, Not Leaps & Bounds

We could all do with progressive dosages of patience. I know I definitely could. We want success tomorrow achieved by others in a considerable length of time. We think we may just be that rare group of talented individuals who could skip the gruelling challenge of upward climbing the ladder of toil, long hours, practice, persistence, endurance and patience in order to reach the highest rung of the much delusive "success".

Fact is, success is inevitable in the forward journey of life, with the application of right principles plus the knowledge that success comes in baby steps, not in leaps and bounds. Not a welcoming fact, is it? Yet you know you agree. Because we have all walked the same road of disappointment and discouragement when our image of success wasn't achieved within the timeline we set ourselves to achieve - and we discovered that we have set too high a dream within too short a time. Our bubble of self aggrandizement which burst right in our face rudely awakened us to an honest self evaluation to redirect our steps so we do not slip into the pithole of despondence, and God forbid, depression.

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