Monday, August 28, 2006


I can’t sit still and for long. Though it may be an art or activity that totally enraptures my attention, it can only be for a fleeting moment before my body starts to rebel and whims to move about and my shifts its focus. Many says that it’s a matter of mind over body – that I can train myself to stay focus on what I do and to lengthen my attention span – especially in areas/matters that interests me or are important to me. For instance, I love reading – and the effect of that is that I love to write as well. But for the better of me and much to my personal dismay, I read – at most an hour. I write – at most an hour before my body starts convulsing to force me out of my literary serenity. I’d need a break before I get back to the routine.

Another thing is, I don’t write – I scribble – because: (1) words in my brain form quicker than the speed and control of my poor hands, and (2) I don’t have the patience to form my words beautifully or artistically or visibly readable – so long as I pen down what I need to – that’s sufficient. So, bottom line is, I’m impatient.

You know, I’ve even contemplated having coffee sometime with a mind specialist (yes, I’m trying hard to avoid the professional label “psychiatrist”) to help me figure out my capricious nature and hopefully, shed some light so I can be more effective in my daily conduct.


x said...

I feel the same way too sometimes. It's as though I have adult ADD.

Angeline Tan said...

watz ADD?

x said...

Attention Deficit Disorder.

Angeline Tan said...

Well, waddaya know? We're lefties & ADDs! Hahaha ;)