Monday, August 14, 2006

My Ladies

My indulgence in reading has introduced me to a large world beyond mine (mine’s disgustingly small, I confess) – it has brought me across the shores of the tropical peninsula and tiny garden city to the proud American soil, introducing me to its rich resource of phenomenal women. My introduction to these charismatic ladies has been a journey of discovery and healing for me personally.

I have previously posted separated entries on my heroines; this post now serves as a combined tribute to my life-shapers.

My inexpressible gratitude to these heroines I have never met in person, and I may never do, but in the event I do by divine appointment, the cheeriest lady I would be. ;)

I learnt extreme discipline from the orderly life of Condoleezza Rice.

I learnt empathy and patience towards colored people through Maya Angelou’s detailed autobiography of her struggle to overcome prejudice, discrimination and abuse.

I learnt the power of charisma and truth enmeshed in media through Oprah’s talk show which has the far reaching effect of influence and inspiration.

A three-cord common thread runs through all 3 women – colored skin, wisdom and tenacity.

I do believe the color of their skin opened wide the door of narrow paths and dark alleys that generated much grit and inner strength for them to scale heights that many others, particularly the whites have not the privilege to encounter.

When culture and society gather all they have to push you down and trap you in, you get large on the inside, rise above the tide, and triumph over impossibilities.

Disclaimer: No amount of research I put up on my blog space here would justify the wide expanse of these women’s contribution and influence to their society and worldwide. For more information, may I suggest you google them up. Cheers.

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