Saturday, December 23, 2006

Vision made Reality

For 3 consecutive years I diligently sat myself down in January, pondered, wrote down and prayed as I set my goals for each brand new year. The results achieved were little in the initial years but grew steadily as the years progressed. For instance, 2005 saw me achieving only about 50% of my goals. 2006 however saw me achieving, I’m proud to say, 85% of my goals! That’s a quantum leap of improvement and I thank God for grace & strength.

As a matter of prove, here are a sample of my goals set for 2006 which made the reality list:

1. Weight loss of x kg
2. Acquire a job that earns me $xxxx
3. Pursue a course in mass comm.
4. Freelance writing
5. Increased drum playing

Old maxims are never quite a cliché if you know its origin and its results reaped through the generations. One of such is this - if you can see it, you can have it. The Power of Visualization.

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