Saturday, March 17, 2007

The written word

I’ve always been an ardent student of history, partly because I love stories. And history is full of intriguing histories and worthy lessons to be learnt. The many Chinese historic stories in A Thousand Pieces of Gold brought me much insight into the richness of the written word.

Here’s what the back cover of the book says – and I pray it inspires you as much to pick up a copy for your personal mental and cultural enrichment…

Proverbs are fascinating in my country but in China they still play and have always played a far more significant role.

One written word is worth a thousand pieces of gold

Most Chinese proverbs are based on historical events and the greatest number originate frm that extraordinary period of history when the first Emperor of China – creator of the terracotta soldiers – ruled.

Precious treasure worth cherishing

Kings, warlords, scholars and courtiers plot and counter plot in a vigorous, energetic, restless society brought vividly by Adeline Yen Mah. She combines the historical narrative with personal insights fromher own life to illustrate the influence of proverbs in contemporary situations, creating a window into Chinese life for Western readers.

Little sparrows with dreams of swans

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