Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Dust and dirt particles - they are so minute they're hardly oblivious to the human eye. Yet they're everywhere and we survive all the same in the presence of such uncleanness - when we order food from a roadside stall, when our table at the coffeeshop is perched on top of a covered drain, when we cross the carbon monoxide-filled roads, when a passer-by sneezes right into our face. We are oblivious to what we can't see - but know is there.

Maybe we're created such to learn tolerance. And I don't mean tolerance towards natural things. There is a spiritual lesson in all things natural. In learning tolerance I mean tolerance towards mankind - socially, racially, culturally. Ethnic and race groups vary and differ from border to border. Different faces and races are everywhere. Some groups deem themselves higher and more supreme than others. Fair enough - I mean, who's to judge - bottom line is, we live in mutual tolerance. We accept. We live. Coz we belong to the same Creator.

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