Monday, April 16, 2007

12 things I love about him

  1. He loves me, no matter how loud and boisterous I am
  2. He insists we sit side by side while dining, and not opposite as most couples do
  3. He holds my hand when we travel in the car
  4. He stands by me through my worst times
  5. He fights my monsters with me
  6. He forgives quickly
  7. He doesn’t harp on my wrongs
  8. He doesn’t judge anyone and is reluctant to give a negative opinion
  9. He praises, encourages and believes that I am and can be the best I want to be
  10. His love, sensitivity, care and thoughtfulness for me and others
  11. His giving and serving nature
  12. His unwavering faith and trust in God and His provision

Thursday, April 12, 2007

In Him, thru Him

A negative mind cannot find God because God is in the positive

I got to lead my mind with the Word of God or my mind will lead me wrong

When I make room for God, barrenness disappears. Fruitfulness will come

God will move into the space that I make for Him

God will rather have you messy than not have you at all

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lil' by lil'

Your life can change drastically when a significant part of your weakness is improved.

I’ve been a late comer for work for as far as I remember. Much of my despondency and inefficiency at work were largely due to my late coming. In recent months, since the commencement of my current job some 6 months back – I have never arrived at work late. This may not be a biggie for some, but for me, for one who was never ever punctual for work, this sure is! Now that I’m arriving at my work area an hour earlier each work day, I am more alert, efficient, productive and responsible in what I do.

Just an improvement in this area alone has drastically propelled me further and higher, instilling greater discipline and achievement that were once distant and out of reach. I am determined to reach higher and I know I can.

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