Saturday, August 01, 2009

Why I Run

Recently I have been asked by quite a number of friends: why do I run so much and for so long? And how do I find so much time to read? Here's why and how.

I started running a year ago when I was desperately bored with my previous job and needed something to perk me up in the morning. I'd wake up at 5.00am in the morning and run before work.

It was grueling, waking up early, and worse, I didn't enjoy running. So I started filling up the agony of running by listening to podcasts.

I did not enjoy running for one full year. It wasn't until sometime this year that I began enjoying it. What's more, I discovered a book titled "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall (introduced on a book podcast I was listening to then). Reading (or rather, listening to the audiobook version) further fueled my passion for running. I ran longer and faster while reading/listening the book - I was thoroughly inspired! It is a fantastic read, even if you are a non runner - the coverage on history, culture, anatomy and ultra running is amazing.

So, how do I find time to read? I don't read physical books as much as I listen to audiobooks, while traveling in the mrt and while running in the mornings. That's easily 3 hours (2 hours traveling to & fro, and 1 hour of running).

And why do I run? Because it totally disciplines me. It disciplines me to wake up early in the morning, ignoring my tired body, not lazing in bed but heading straight for the door, enduring an hour long run; and at the same time, I'd pray, meditate, and gain a whole world of knowledge by listening to podcasts & audiobooks.

The benefits are simply too much for me not to run.


JasonOng said...

Looks like we gotta get ourselves an audible account! :)

Angeline Tan said...

Yes, I suppose we should! ;)

thecomicalhat said...

As a writer and a jogger, maybe you'd be keen on Haruki Murakami's book What I talk about when I talk about running.

Apparently he's a running fanatic -- he's even run an ultramarathon, that's 62 miles.

Angeline Tan said...

Thanks Comical Hat - a friend of mine showed me her copy of the book - a thin one - seems like a simple read - will pick up a copy!

Million dollar question - do you write & run too? ;)

thecomicalhat said...

I'm a footballer - so much more enjoyable and easy chasing a ball for 90 minutes then simply running for 90 minutes!

And yes, I write a bit too but there the comparisons with Mister Murakami end!

Angeline Tan said...

I wouldn't mind a more interactive sport/exercise provided I could do that every day! It's hard to find people to kick ball with every day!