Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Step into the sunshine

Today I sit at Macs and take in the cacophony of sounds, especially the high decibel of chatter from secondary kids. What on earth are they doing here in the mall so early in the morning, invading the audio space of working adults preparing to get to work? Don't they have school?

It's too stark not to notice the gregarious bubbles of the youth, compared to the stoned, cold pillars of the adults, mulling over work while chewing on their sausage mcmuffins and sipping hot coffee.

Ah, the weight of the world carried on the shoulders of adults!

Have we grown from enthusiasm to sobriety?

What we lack, we desire.

What we desire, we envy in others.

How do we stop this vicious cycle?

Break the ice that locks you in a segregated and cold world, and step into the sunshine.

Welcome to a better, happier world.

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