Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The J. Tan Family Lineage

Recently I did a backgrounder on my family history for one of my class assignments. I decided to do it in the following style. I hope you are as amused reading it as I was writing it. (P/S: By the way, J. Tan stands for Johnson Tan, i.e., my father's name)


Tracing its roots back to old Malaya, the J. Tan Family lineage presents an unlikely union of two prominent but rival families from the fishing village of Stulang, beside the mouth of the Johor River. Johnson, the eldest son of the Tan family, though an intelligent scholar and expected to teach in the local school, was a poor match for the fair and lovely Rosalind whose family owned the village’s only provision business. Yet a brief introduction at a tea party quickly set sparks flying between the two youths and before long, the charming Johnson had won the heart and hand of the enchanting Rosalind, much to the disapproval of their elders.

Current Members

Not long after their joyous union, the couple gave birth to their first born, a chubby and bubbly Wilson Tan whose witty nature and street-smart ways won him the hearts of the villagers and school teachers who graded him excellently in his subjects.

Next in line came Willy, though born prematurely and sickly most through his growing years, much to Rosalind’s worrying concern, he eventually outgrew his frail health into a fine young man; handsome with strong chiseled features.

A daughter then came along, Irene is her name. Petite and demure, she is a tender-hearted girl whose soul is filled with much love and compassion for people around her, especially her family members.

Finally, the youngest and most adorable girl, Angeline, added to and completed the family tree. Like Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, her inquisitive nature often brought her many an adventures that strongly defines her extroverted personality.


Johnson is a semi-retired private tutor who currently tutors still in the comfort of his quiet home in Taman Pelangi. In his leisure time, he does gardening and reading.

Rosalind is a retired nurse who serves actively in the church choir and manages a comprehensive lifestyle of morning tai-chi exercises, afternoon karaoke and tea sessions with the neighborhood ladies and the occasional baby-sitting for Willy’s young children.

Wilson, being the dream-driven man that he is, is on the active look-out for decent business opportunities in Thailand where he enjoys the sour and spicy food as well as the rich ethnical culture.

Willy is a responsible and fulfilled family man who adores his wife and dotes on his two young children, Isaac, aged 7, and Eunice, aged 3. He shuttles between Singapore and Johor Bahru for work as a technician in an engineering firm.

Irene takes residence in London with her British-born Chinese husband, Martin, and her young daughter, Sheena. She is a full-time housewife with little personal time and energy left at the end of each day – her little daredevil, Sheena, being the reason why.

Angeline is living out her all-Asian dream of holding a prestigious job in a huge, internationally renowned firm as well as pursuing her childhood dream of mass communication studies. Though easily tired out by mid-week due to work and studies, she finds time to play music as well as write, being strongly inspired by her favorite author, Maya Angelou, of the famed, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.

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