Friday, November 24, 2006


I opened my online news page today and saw yet another massive bombing in Baghdad that claimed 152 lives. These were not soldiers fighting in war. These were ordinary folks and civilians assuming their daily lives, disadvantaged by the clutches of fear and terror in a land governed by hate & vengeance.

And it struck me that people living in nations like these probably cherish their loved ones and their lives more dearly than you and I do, even at our best days. Brothers are born in adversity. In a climate of perpetual fear and terror as common as the everyday air that we breathe, will they not be cherishing every minute of time with spouses, family members, relatives, friends, even strangers on the street - holding each one close in their hearts, spreading love and warmth through silent prayers - because all of their lives are as precarious as stormy seas - they are never sure of safety and protection, only resilient resistance to evil that may befall them at anytime.

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