Friday, November 17, 2006

Just Do It

Exercising is very much like waking up in the morning for work. You don’t particularly enjoy waking up at the crack of dawn – had it not been for the nagging sense of responsibility to earn to enable survival and luxury living. Similarly, you don’t particularly enjoy dragging your body to the gym or pool or hit the road – had it not been for the mental and physical wholeness and fulfillment after your sporting activity.

Why can’t exercising or waking up for work be easier to accomplish? Why do they have to be loathsome activities to begin with and enjoyable only upon completion?

This is when THE MIND comes into play. If it is a routine/task/responsibility – then just do it, regardless of your willingness and enjoyment level. More often than not, there ain’t any – it’s gotta be mere sheer discipline dragging you forward.

Reebok had a slogan I fancy many years back – Life is short, play hard. True. Life is tough, slack not.

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