Friday, September 21, 2007

Babbles of the Unmotivated

She sits in the dark and wonders when light will come
If I may lift this yoke off from my shoulder, she cries
If I may lift my eyes and look yonder
I could see what I’ve been blind to see

She sits in the dark and explodes nothingness

There are those who found their jobs the most mundane of all, but found needs to meet in the course of their work. Solutions to automate work processes, improve lines of communication, innovate products and services.

Work, however mundane, is important because it feeds my basic needs in this real world. It finances my after work and weekend activities. It finances the pursuit of my dreams. Work is important because it makes me live off the edge and cherish, devour and relish whatever time I have. Work forces me in the corner of discomfort and makes me strive for greater things in life which otherwise would not have been pondered over.

Solitary is the manifestation of one’s inadequacy to be by oneself.

If you are my muse, you are the words that whirl in my mind.

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