Monday, October 01, 2007

Tribute to my man

It's time for tribute once again. In honor of my MAN.

He's always helping me get into the right learning environment to advance my interests, to name a few:

1. When I wanted to write more - he encouraged me to blog

2. When I wanted to read more - he buys me books from time to time, and the amazing thing is, he uses wise discernment to get me the exact kind of books that get me ticking!

3. When I wanted to learn French - he found me a website to learn French with others online

4. When I wanted to swim more often - he accompanies me to the pool, not swimming himself, but bringing his laptop to do his work or a book along to read

5. When I wanted to go to JB once a month to visit my parents - he puts aside his own agendas to accompany me and spend quality time with my family

6. When I am down - he buys me things, brings me places, and be extra sweet to melt my misery away

The list above is by no doubt non-exhaustive. Words would fail me to list the sweetness, kindness, grace and love he's shown and constantly showing me.

I often say this and I'm gonna say it again - I know how much God loves me through the love He brings into my life - family, friends, leaders, colleagues, all things beautiful. The most beautiful of all, my greatest love on earth - my husband and best bud, JPK ;)

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Wui-Ping said...

Jason have to spoil market again huh....