Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The past few months have been a whirlwind journey of discovery and inner reflection – a reflection on the issues that threatens us as individuals and as societies joined together in a race for survival and national advancement.

I can’t say the same for certain countries, particularly one whose leaders are incapable of uniting its multi-racial people, with its blatant favouritism evidenced by its policies that advance only those belonging to its favoured group and incompetence in battling corruption among its leaders, people in power and authority who were elected to key appointments to advance the cause of the people they were meant to serve. How does a people pledge allegiance to a government that jeopardises social security by closing an eye to the evidential abuse of power in the ranks of authority? How does a people pledge allegiance to leaders who enter civil service to advance their personal interests?

Are lessons not meant to be learnt? Is a nation not to progress? Why then are we seeing regress, instead of progress, in a country which undoubtedly carries within it, men and women of outstanding calibre and extreme talent, men and women with charisma, bright minds and fiery passion?

Do we wait till the young people pack their bags to leave at the most opportune time, plant their roots in foreign shores, receive nourishment from foreign sources, take on the culture, education and identity of foreign lands because they have been far too malnourished in the bosom of their motherland?

There ought to be a new vision in the leadership – a vision that presents equality for all its citizens, a vision that sets social security as a high priority, a conviction that pushes through the influence of profiteers, nay-sayers and spin masters to present a daring truth that stands on the foundation of those that has gone before us, men and women who laid down their lives to secure the independence of the nation that all may progress, advance and carve a secure, bright, upright and prosperous future together.

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Anonymous said...

I see... someone has taken the red pill.

The herd mentality; The NUT syndrome; Bureaucratic red tape; hip-hopping rapper idoits; kiasu-kiasi; the take 1 step forward, many step backward way of doing things; the disconnect with the masses; the contempt; the widening social divide;

The system is falling apart faster than it can be fixed.

The people are getting fixed.

Practicality rules, and it rules the people.

A dollar and cents question as it always seems.

To some, it's more practical to leave for greener pastures than to change the system.

Quote: "If you care too much about this job, it’ll break your spirit, and it will break your heart."

~a wandering botanist...