Monday, January 28, 2008

Obama's win in South Carolina

Obama's landslide victory in South Carolina on 26 Jan - due in part to many who love him, support his vision and believe in him...

Why am I following the US election so closely, you may ask, when I am not even remotely a US citizen or directly affected by the results of the election? In time to come I will reveal a little more on my tight focus on the election.

An ardent supporter and volunter campaigner, Josh Stroman's thoughts after Obama's win in South Carolina:

We knew that we were going to have to be committed to the vision of what America could be, if we got involved and worked to bring it to life. The last day was incredible. We ran throughout the city of Columbia, posting signs, increasing visibility, knocking on doors, walking with people to the actual polling places. Whatever we had to do to ensure Senator Obama's victory, we were committed to doing it.

...His victory is vindication for so many of us who believe in what this country can be. It is also an indication that the American people can stand against the power of the establishment in order to usher in a new attitude and approach to uplifting the greater good.

I have invested, and I believe we all have, such an enormous amount of personal energy. We embraced Senator Obama's vision... in which each of us are empowered to be innovative in creating solutions that match the common challenges that we all face...

Lastly, I want to tell Senator Obama, that WE are so very proud of him, for having enough confidence and faith in the American people to launch this historic journey to restore the American presidency to its highest mantle.

This will not be easy, but it is very important that each American citizen, who believes that America can truly be a nation for the people and of the people, to get out and canvass, caucus, make phone calls, post signs, be patient with those who do not fully grasp the significance of the opportunity and it is important for us, to work with positive and encouraging spirits when speaking of the vision that we each share of a brighter and more promising America.

Being a part of Senator Obama’s campaign has meant so much to me. My friends and I plan on driving to Georgia, we may go to Maryland, Virginia and many more places if need be. I know that my story has inspired so many, but understand, that it is indeed, Senator Barack Obama, who has inspired me to dream dreams that I never thought could be possible. As I am empowered, I am allowed to empower others and in South Carolina, unity brought victory. I will forever be grateful for how this campaign has transformed my life and pray that each of us get involved in our own unique way, to reclaim the hope and the future of this nation. Thank you Senator Obama for allowing the American people, as diverse as we may be, to stand together as one people, and both collectively and individually contribute our talents and gifts to a cause much greater than ourselves.

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