Sunday, January 06, 2008

Change we can believe in

We all need a change we can believe in. A change that can stamp a steady foot in the ground and say: “enough is enough of days of defeat and disappointment and discouragement. A new day has come – a day of hope once again, a day of light at the end of a dark tunnel once again – a change we can all believe in.”

There has been many a defeating moment in my life where over time, I lose a sense a believe in myself and in my ability to do better and do something extraordinary with these pair of ordinary hands, an inquisitive mind and a sincere heart. Many a day when I go to sleep at night discouraged at how little I have accomplished and how far I have fallen short of what I think I am capable of doing. When I see the toil and works of great men and women all round the world, I know in my heart of hearts that I can be that woman – that I too, can harbour big dreams and do great things in my lifetime, in my generation, not just for the benefit of my own self, or my family, or m friends, but for strangers whom I do not know, but lack the resources and ability to stand up for justice and do what could essentially improve their lives and make them a little happier, a little more complete. I believe I can be such a woman to do such a thing.

And that is why I am truly inspired by this African-American Senator of Illinois. In him I see the hope of a generation lost and weary. In him I see an intensity that outlines the enormous burden he carries in his heart and soul for a people he identifies as his own – the American people. In him I see the love of a man for his family and a love for God that directs him in the way that he is now walking – a path of integrity and responsibility and justice.

This man proposes a change Americans can believe in, when Americans have far too long been disappointed by governments that cared more for their agendas than the interests of the American people. With the ongoing presidential campaign for the Presidential seat in 2008, I am following close behind to be inspired myself – to fan afresh my dying flame of a change I can believe in for myself – that my dreams need not stay buried, but I can bring it out in the open once again – I can lay them in a straight line, walk alongside them and resurrect them into reality. I can believe in myself again.

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