Friday, April 25, 2008



A usual morning finds me awakened tired, lethargic, slugging through the day and looking at my world through un-inspired eyes.

An out-of-the-ordinary half-hour swim at 5.15am this morning sets my world ablaze and opened my eyes to the goodness all around:

  • My heart swells with delight at the willingness of a loving and sacrificial spouse complying with my crazy antic of waking up at 5am
  • The feeling of euphoria is akin to that of attending a high school summer camp
  • The joy of seeing the gym in use at 5.15am - which serves to confirm me and Jason aren't the only crazy ones
  • The gratefulness of finding the pool water surprisingly, warm, and not chilly as would be expected at such an early hour
  • The sympathy towards a clearly drowsy domestic helper walking an old man around the perimeter of the pool to fulfil his daily dose of morning exercise
  • The spouse who patiently and caringly attends to me when I slipped and fell the staircase
  • The many people going about their daily activities - children going to school, hawkers setting up their stalls, market vendors selling and housewives and domestic helpers buying fresh produce
  • A renewed love for Singapore - realising that this is after all a very liveable and comfortable place to settle in
  • My overwhelming gratitude and inner joy in realising that God meant every word when He assured me that He would make a way where there seems to be no way, and with His word, comes the assurance of peace

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