Friday, April 25, 2008

I have a dream

I was in Melbourne with Jason. We walked in to Gloria Jean’s at the airport – lo and behold, I found Condoleezza Rice staring back at me from behind the front counter! She was working there! She was in her early 20s – frizzy hair tied up, skin tight and flawless, face youthful. She was wearing an Abercrombie & Fitch-type white tee, and blue jeans – looking just like your average girl on the street – except you know and you know, this is no ordinary girl, but a powerful being dressed up in a young girl’s body – man, this is Condoleezza Rice, the most powerful woman on earth next to the current most powerful man on earth, George W. Bush (right, keep your reservations on his ability out of mention here, aite?)

Jason found a couch pretty near the counter, and I ordered coffee for us both. Condoleezza Rice stood tall at the counter, all smiles and friendly. She took my order professionally, like she has been doing this for years. After serving a few more patrons, she took her dark blue apron off and sat herself down at a couch next to me. Not one to let an opportunity slip by me, I struck up a conversation with her and immediately asked if we could pose for a photograph together. She obliged my request with a charming smile and immediately stretched her arm across my shoulders.

She must have been expecting her cousins over because immediately after, her cousins walked into the coffee joint. She got off the couch, bid me farewell and joined them. They crossed the underground street to a convenience store right across the coffee joint. Her cousins were a pretty loud bunch and they looked like they have a pretty good time hanging out together. Condoleezza Rice stood head above shoulders, even among her tall black cousins. Throughout the time she was with them, I noticed that she was always maintaining a calm demeanour, like a posh American college girl. She rarely bends forward; she was always maintaining a straight back and walking tall.

Jason and I lingered across the street from them till they came out of the store and disappeared into the streets.

You never forget a Condoleezza Rice experience. Not even in your dreams...

Gee… I could dream of Barack Obama next… ;)

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