Monday, July 07, 2008


Crisis brings people together. In the wake of the rising cost of living, sub-prime crisis, incredulous oil/fuel hike, shortage of and rise in price of rice, borderless jihad and terrorist attacks, frequent suicide bombings in the Middle East, tsunami sweeping through the east and west parts of the world, the devastating earthquake in Sichuan, political unrests in countries all over the world, corruption among ruling parties, child trafficking and prostitution – the earth is brought closer together.

It is like the earth has shrunk, simply because citizens from across countries, borders and geographical distances know what is happening on the other side of the world through news and reports in the mass media. And with this shrinking of the earth, picture this: the arms of men and women across each others’ shoulders, huddling together, facing inwards, heads bowed low in prayers or silent observation – we, as brothers and sisters, are brought closer to one another.

We are bound in one spirit of hope – hope for ourselves, our children, our world. Hope that rests in love. And love that overcomes fear, discrimination, injustices, hatred and murder. Because love conquers all.

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