Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A few things

Re-listening to Barack Obama narrating his first book – ‘Dreams from my Father’ is an act of nostalgia for me. The past few months juggling between my lost of interest in my studies, as my term of studies draws to an end with half a year left to completion; a re-fuelled motivation in my work simply because I spend 9 hours at work and if I am not fruitful, where else do I plant my seed?; trying to be a little more active in serving other people’s needs; running and swimming 7 days a week, relenting not a single bit because I need my sports medication much as I need at least 5 hours of sleep daily; attempting to read and write daily but honestly I have been found wanting in this area because my nights shrink shorter with the persistence of my sports medication; and finally, the painful but needful work on my character development – this requires more than just mental power, it requires a considerable dose of stress, frustration, irritation, agony (evenly mixed) and did I mention high doses of hard work?

At the threshold of this second half of the year, I stand at the verge of the cliff of my world, with my back to the hanging cliff and the surging waters below – I look ahead to the open field, flat and stretched into the horizon far beyond my sight – and see in my mind’s eye – a train ride through an open country to the highland of my destiny. As breathtaking as the green hills and plains of the Irish Isles, so will the memories I am bound to collect along my journey.

I am excited beyond words and enthralled beyond description – at the thought of this amazing train ride. I hop aboard, and I am off. Till then my friend, adios!

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