Monday, August 04, 2008

A Piece of Kenya

He left home with the only currency of exchange he could afford: a bag of dreams. At 25, the vision of a better future throbbed his heart so he refused the “can’t do” attitude and seemingly kind advice of fellow Kenyans to deter him from embarking on this journey of a lifetime. A year down the road he thought himself na├»ve; silly even to do something so rash as to leave home without a dime to his name.

Now on hindsight he is glad his youthful courage served him well to run his course and do what no other Kenyans before him has done before – to step out in ra
w faith into uncertainty – to pursue a year of postgraduate studies in a foreign land, without the certainty of sufficient financial resources to pay his course fees and living expenses.

Now he’s gained knowledge, earned his Masters, made new friends, and returned home.
A Kenyan friend come and gone.

A man of persistent dreams. A man of potential, no doubt, because in his soul lies a restless, fighting spirit that refuses to bow to the dark circumstances around him – instead he stands tall and proud, towering above obstacles, to reach for what he knows belongs to him.

To Abraham - may you reach high, stretch your tents far and take possession of your dreams.

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