Monday, August 11, 2008

Shape up

See the last paragraph in bold & italics – my question is: Oh, and the corrupted and accusatory Malaysian government politics are ‘suitable’ to be watched and replayed to thousands of the young generation? Think about the legacy the country’s current leadership is leaving for its future leaders, the young generation today growing up in a politically tumultuous country divided by its own leaders. A leader appoints another, sings the latter’s praises to the sky, then leashes at the latter’s ability and integrity, and pulls him deep into the pit of alleged corruption and moral wrongdoings. We see this apparent foul-play repeated twice in this one decade alone. Will Malaysia see the brighter light of day where its citizens can truly embrace its Wawasan 2020 (Vision 2020) under the leadership of wise, committed and honest men and women?

Straits Times - Aug 10, 2008
PAS wants Avril Lavigne concert banned

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian opposition Islamic party Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) has demanded that the government ban pop superstar Avril Lavigne from performing in the country.
It said her concert would be an insult to the Merdeka freedom fighters.

Kuala Lumpur PAS Youth chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad said the government should instead hold patriotic and civilised concerts as well as organise history-writing contests and historical exhibitions in conjunction with the 51st anniversary of the country's independence, reported The Malaysian Insider.

The Canadian pop singer was scheduled to perform at the Stadium Merdeka on Aug 29, just two days ahead of Malaysia's Independence Day, as part of her world tour.

Mr Kamaruzaman led his exco members in handing over a protest note to Kuala Lumpur Mayor Abdul Hakim Borhan and a Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry official here on Friday.

The protest note also demanded that the Central Committee for Filming and Performance by Foreign Artists (Puspal) not issue the permit for the concert.

Last month, the same PAS group had also protested against Indonesian dangdut sensation Inul Daratista performing in Kuala Lumpur, saying her concert would have been too erotic and almost pornographic, as well as capable of corrupting the minds of young Malaysians. Inul's concert was subsequently cancelled.

The group's objection to Lavigne's concert is that 'the rock and punk elements portrayed by this artiste are not suitable to be shown to the young generation', Mr Kamaruzaman was quoted as saying by PAS-owned Harakah Daily.

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