Saturday, August 09, 2008

The shape of love

The shape of love comes in the form of a man. A man who loves, gives and believes. A man patient in hope. A man who sees good in people. A man not easily wavered by negative remarks or situations.

A man who gives me room to learn, grow and be better. A man who doesn't force me into becoming what I'm not, but who constantly, ever so graciously and gently, helps me become the woman I am meant to be.

A man who gives me a bundle of tools to reach my dreams - a MSI Wind Notebook (so I may write on the go; anytime, anywhere, anyhow), loads of encouragement and unwavering believe in my ability.

The shape of love comes in the form of my man – the love which God gave – my husband and amazing leader, teacher and friend, JO.

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Ed said...

Awww... i bet it's the laptop that broke the camel's back... hmmm, that didn't sound right =P