Friday, June 30, 2006

Bruce Philosophies

More than a martial arts enthusiast, an actor, a director and film producer, Bruce Lee was a loving husband to Linda Lee Caldwell, a great father to Brandon and Shannon Lee and a devoted family man. Unknown to many film enthusiasts, Bruce Lee majored in philosophy in the University of California where he met his wife Linda. Reading up on his biography did a thing or two for my self check. Here's some...

On Marriage:

In marriage, the excitement of romance is bound to dwindle with the years; in its place must grow the day-to-day companionship that would endure throughout the adventure that is human life.

Marriage is a friendship, a partnership based solidly upon ordinary, everyday occurrences. Marriage is breakfast in the morning, work during the day – the husband at his work, the wife at hers – dinner at night and quiet evenings together talking, reading or watching television. Marriage is caring for children, watching over them in sickness, training them in the way they must go, sharing worry about them and pride in them.

A married couple isn’t one and one. They are 2 halves that make a whole. You have to apply yourself to be a family – 2 halves fitted together are more efficient than either half would be alone!

On Life:

The oak tree is mighty, yet it will be destroyed by a mighty wind because it resists the elements; the bamboo bends with the wind, and by bending, survives.

Be pliable. When a man is living, he is soft and pliable; when he is dead, he becomes rigid. Pliability is life; rigidity is death.

Life is a process. Through the ages, the end of heroes is the same as ordinary men. They all died and gradually faded away in the memory of men. But when we are still alive, we have to understand ourselves, discover ourselves and express ourselves. In this way, we can progress, but we may not be all successful. But at least we are closer to truth.


Jason Ong said...

Good stuff, cannot bluff!

Jason's view:

Life is a bah-chor-mee. Got ter-kwua anot doesn't matter. Got bah-chor can already. The mee leh, some like it thin, some like it fat. Cannot say who right lah. Some ppl mouth bigger mah. Chilli or ketchup also depend the furler hot-mouth anot. ;)

Angeline Tan said...

Funny larlin! ;)