Friday, June 23, 2006

To Mrs. Wong with love

She is truly a treasure and an impressionable figure in my life. Gave her a great big hug and stepped into the house. Her home is so filled with love, ease and warmth.

There are homes filled with emptiness.

There are homes filled with broken expectations.

Her home is filled with all that I need and want and desire. All that I longed for and never had - all that I'd like to provide for in my future home.

I see in her who I want to be. Loving people and believing in them. Displaying and instilling godly, moral values. Imparting her life to her family, children and students. A strong pillar in the home, an advisor, educater, comforter, confidante.

Each visit to her home is short, but like a drunk on a hang-over, it leaves me hanging on for more - for all of the goodness of God, evident in her life and in her family.

"The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world". The might and power of a woman in bringing forth a child and educating him to positions of great leadership and influence. Surely she is such, when I observe the fine management of her home and children.

She is all I want to be, and more.

To my teacher, coach, mother and friend; Mrs. Wong, with love. ;)

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