Friday, January 12, 2007

Cultural Differences

Cultural and societal differences are pertinent everywhere. The very essence of culture is that it forms, shapes and dictates differences among people of different groups, ethnicity, interests, nations, etc.

My sis has been living in UK for slightly more than 7 months now, and here are some of her observations of what you get in UK that you don't here in Asia:

1. Romantic Passion: There's no white fluorescent or bulb lights here. They are all dim orange lights.

2. Public Emphasis: All the room doors can't be locked. There's no latch or keyhole to the doors.

3. Generous Acts: You can bring the hangers home when you buy clothes from the shops.

4. Fresh & Green Campaign: All the plastic bags from the supermarkets have holes in them.

5. Self- service is the best service: You have to pack your food into the plastic bags in supermarkets unless you request the staff to do it for you.

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