Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Israel Times

Israel... aah, just the mention of it sets my heart a skippin' and my lips a smilin'... I love Israel, even if I have only been there once, for 10 good days, in June 2004.

Was doing research on sports on the net and was surprised to see mentions of Israel in an online sporting magazine from Florida, "Competitor Southeast Online".

The first image that caught my eye was the magnificent Dome in the city of Jerusalem, and as I read on, discovered myself an interesting blog. Here's the first paragraph to the blog by the editor of the magazine, Mr. Greg Pressler:
I’m always amazed at what I see during an early morning run, and I’ve found that these journeys help to solve a lot of problems. Maybe an early morning run is a way that our world can start to help bring peace among nations.
Do check out the rest of his blogs. If you haven't been to Israel, this may be a nice introduction. ;)

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