Thursday, January 04, 2007


Dec 31st 2006 saw me and Jason’s family at KLCC for the New Year countdown fireworks display and gave me a bad brush with a Malay punk amidst a throng of people. He asked for money and I kept silent. I looked around for safety but saw nonchalant faces oblivious to the predicament that I was in. I felt cornered and replied I have none. That pissed him off and he raised his voice a little asking me how much I could give him. Once more I replied I had none, became angry because I got no help and summoning an equally pissed and angered look to match his, I walked off. Thankfully he pursued no more and I saw him no more.

I was mad because I was nearly extorted money in my own country. I was mad at the social decadence I saw in the capital city. Young punks harrowing the streets like mafias with drugs, weapons and women in tow. It makes me mad that I am not safe in my own country, while I’m breathing the same air and living the same culture as my fellow citizens. It makes me mad that much as I love my country and wish to step foot more often than I do, I fear for my safety and that of my family remaining and loved ones I bring to journey with me each time. I wish to bring about a change. I wish I could do something.

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