Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Journey to Ironhood: Week 6

Week 6 (14-20 Feb):

This week saw me attempting something very silly. I've read about it, been advised against it, yet I turned a deaf ear and did it anyhow. I went on a low carb diet for 2 days. Given the intense and daily training I'm undergoing, it's rather insane to go on a low carbdiet - I'd need all the carbs I can get to fuel my muscles. For every silly decision that you make, you'd have to pay a price for it. I did - my energy level dropped to an all time low; I could hardly walk or stand and needed to lie down to rest because my head was spinning wildly.

I couldn't train for a day and even when I tried to eat, I couldn't take in much. Yet, despite my weak condition, I forced myself to swim the next day, rode 45km the day after and by the third day, I rode 150km from Singapore to Desaru with a group of fellow triathletes, surviving on power gels and chocolate, and lots of adrenaline.

I have since picked up my carb diet, although my appetite hasn't increased dramatically.

All good for now and pressing on to Week 7!


Matty Wong said...

Never train with a empty stomach, its counter productive in that manner. Enjoy what you are doing, its awesome!

Angeline Tan said...

Hey is that you Matthew? Thanks! And looking forward to the next Desaru ride! ;)

Ed said...

Wat do u think of when u race/train?