Monday, April 25, 2011

Journey to Ironhood: Week 14

Week 14 (11-17 Apr):

This is an extremely late entry. It's been a whirlwind of a journey, the past many weeks of training and strategizing for the upcoming race in May. I'd love to say I'm well prepared for what's to come, but the truth be told, I'm not.

Am still working out my nutrition plan for the long bike leg. Realised that power gels alone do me no good. Am terrified of them already! Will have to have a combination of gels, sports drinks, biscuits, chewies, sweets, raisins, 100 Plus, Coke... basically anything with high sugar content.

Pushed myself on a 160km bike ride in Desaru last Sunday with a bunch of mostly newly acquainted cyclists. And this is the thrill of this sports - not just new friends, but fit ones! And for those looking for a healthy tan - look no further! Check this out! ;)

Now if I may just take another moment of reflecting on my journey (as I always do), it's remarkably heartening how things work in favor of those in pursuit of their dreams - somehow, generous and sincere people come along to help you get there. It's such a defining aspect of my journey that I find myself repeating my gratitude time and again.

Well, please bear with me, for here I go again: Thank you, to all of you great men and women, in your own ways, who has, and is continually helping me reach my dream.

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Matty Wong said...

I think you have a fetish for weird tan lines....

For nutrition, try mixing common snacks with gels. I work with mamee, hello panda and chappas in 08.

Have fun, keep tri-ing.