Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Journey to Ironhood: Week 15

Week 15 (18-24 Apr):

Recovery week. Lots of rest and less of training. Made dinner plans with friends, worked a little later and tried not to think of training. Was fine for a day or two, but came the third day, I felt restless. Or more accurately, distracted. I wasn't training and applying my mind to focus, and my mind spewed various voices that threw me slightly off course. Oh, the danger of not watching and guarding your heart and vision! I had to battle them for a number of days after, and reinstate my vision.

Yet through this week, I learnt an invaluable lesson, and it's one that I've been forewarned countless times by many well-meaning triathletes that have treaded the path before me - in your pursuit of Ironhood, do not neglect the other aspects of life that matter - family, friends, my other interests, etc. Admittedly, I haven't been diligent in ensuring this, and found myself tipped off balance; my emotional and social well sidelined and compromised. The result - a healthy and fit body, but an empty soul.

Thankful for the realization that came in the nick of time, to rescue me from sliding into an abyss of despair and destruction.

Now, with 5 weeks to go, let's rumble (actually, as I'm writing this, I've only 4 weeks to go, as my journal is always a week late - ha!)

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