Monday, May 09, 2011

Journey to Ironhood: Week 17

Week 17 (2-8 May):

Weak start to just 3 weeks away from the big race in China. Plagued by a sore throat and a body badly in need of rest. Saw a doctor and told to take it easy. Tried to do nothing much but read. No, I don't know how to totally rest and relax. I have to be forced by circumstances to do so. Perhaps it's the kiasu (fear of losing out) and kiasee (fear of losing it altogether) mentally I've grown up with.

A journey to any dream is filled with discoveries, self evaluation and corrections. I realized that I'm measured, not just by my success in one area, but by my ability to balance a wholesome life: family, work, friends, sports, health. For that which I've neglected these past months of intensive training, I'm bearing a burden of guilt towards, and hope to make up progressively.

Realized also that I'm a hardcore Type A, only when it comes to sports. Not so for other necessary traits like a special grace and patience for household chores! I have to contend that we're all created differently. I may have tenacity and discipline in one area, but not the other. But we are brilliant just the way we are.

Rode 162km in Desaru and Singapore on Saturday. Clocked my personal best bike time to-date - glad for that! My last race-pace push. And this much I'm certain - I love the sunny, hot and long stretches in Desaru, and fear for my life with the treacherous traffic in Singapore.

But for now, it's back to rest and more rest. Body's breaking down a little, and I'm forced to listen and take many steps back.

Anxiously looking forward to THE DAY!!

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