Monday, May 23, 2011

Journey to Ironhood: Week 19

Week 19 (16-22 May):

Be ambitious, but also be realistic.

Faith is a strong leader, but she must be carried on the hands and legs of hard work.

Life's journey is one of work (growing up, learning, getting educated, building a career, family, social network) - what makes an IronMan journey any different?

Week 12 has been a week of re-strategizing my training regime for the A-race in Regensburg come August.

An overly ambitious me need to push my body to the limits, while considering my time and commitment limitations, and avoiding the risk of injury.

With extremely experienced and helpful fellow triathletes I have the privilege of calling friends and mentors, I'm ready for the next 11 weeks of focused training and push to Ironhood! ;)

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