Monday, July 18, 2011

Journey to Ironhood: Week 26

Week 26 (4-10 Jul):

A week of slow recovery from a big time downer from stomach flu last week.

Continued training throughout the week, though at a lesser intensity and volume.

Come Saturday morning, I still wasn't sure if I was fit enough to train with the guys, but decided to take the plunge.

In total, we accomplished a mini triathlon feat: 3.2k swim + 80k bike + 10k run, at a huge struggle though.

Swimming in a full body wetsuit in Singapore's tropical weather drained me substantially. By the time I hoped onto my bike, I was breaking out in cold sweat and in desperate need of food and water.

The bike leg proved a major challenge. Riding conditions were stacked against the 3 of us. Traffic was chaotic, intensified by long stretches of road works along West Coast Highway, and we had to keep absolute focus and a tight grip on our handle bars for fear of being blown off course by the zooming trucks and strong head wind. The guys had to make a number of stops to drink and recover because I was running dangerously low on energy.

Running in the heat proved to be the greatest obstacle, and I contemplated many a times during the one-hour run to stop in my tracks and just give up.

Throughout the entire session, I struggled with self doubt and frustration. Here I was, doing a mini triathlon that is merely a fraction of the actual race distance, and I wasn't feeling like a million bucks, but oh so human and vulnerable against the forces of environment - the traffic, pollution, noise, wind, tiredness, scorching heat.

Now I'm thinking, in nervous anticipation of 7 Aug: Do I? Will I? Can I?

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