Wednesday, July 12, 2006

For Zidane's Cause

After a harmless attempt by the French team to score a goal in the the extra time of the World Cup finals between enigmatic France and resilient Italy, the players were walking back to the field, with Italian player Metarazzi steps behind French captain Zidane. In a single unexpectant moment, Zidance spun around and head butted Metarazzi in the chest. It almost seemed uncalled for, as the camera caught no sight of Metarazzi mouthing violently at Zidane to warrant such an act. Zidane even looked calm and composed (as he always is) throughout the entire spectacle.

When the pride of the world is at stake, men lose integrity and forsake courtesy. Whatever Metarazzi muttered under his breath to aggravate Zidane at the crucial closing minutes of the game was no gentleman's act. They say all's fair in love and sports. This bad-mouthing ain't no fair deal. Zidane was critized through and through for his lack of restaint in the pitch... wait a minute, was Metarazzi? for his bad-mouthing? Metarazzi acted under cover, Zidane above board. Who's to say the latter is wrong and the former isn't?

I say, Zidane acted like a gentleman through and through. He played his game well, he stood for his integrity, he reacted on the pitch right where the verbal insult was made, he held his peace and details of the insult to this day, only releasing to the press that Metarazzi "said something very serious to him". Had he been a hot-headed head-butting ram, he would have leashed back at Metarazzi and called for a press conference to reveal to the whole world what the Italian muttered to him on the pitch that made him lose his cool, gaining him a red card and an unglamorous exit from such an important match; also, his last game before he retires from football.

I say Zidane is truly a football star - and well deserving of the Golden Ball award - notwithstanding the world's opinion of his retaliation on Monday morning. He may have lost fans, trust, victory and pride for his nation; nevertheless, he won the game of integrity. He acted like a real hero - on and off pitch.


girlfriday said...

That's an interesting outlook on the event. I'll have to think about it. I'm not sure I agree with you, but I think it's reasonable.

Isn't it also reasonable to say no verbal insult would justify the injury?

Someone said, "That will break a proud man's heart which will not break a humble man's spirit." Zidane could have overlooked the insult.

Angeline Tan said...

Yes certainly well said, the quote you made. It's humbling to be humble, isn't it so? Cheerios girlfriday! ;)

girlfriday said...

I read something else yesterday that sort of backs up your post. It cant be found on Get Religion, if you're interested.

I misstyped my quote, too. It should read, "...will not break a humble man's sleep!"