Friday, July 21, 2006


A virtue that stands out and engraves an imprint so deep in my soul is one of PATIENCE. Because I have little or only trinkets of it.

Yet she has an overflow supply of it, much to my amazement and envy (yes, I’m human, pardon me please!). She waits patiently and never complains at my frequent and incorrigible late-coming. She agrees to my endless change of plans and over-bearing dominance to have a say and the last say in anything and everything. She knows my every silent and covered intention, revealing them at the precise moment to save my day. She puts up with my vivacious nonsense, my often precarious moods and never points an accusing finger.

If I have but a portion of space to make known the identity of my amazing pal, this would be the most apt and declarative of all. Curtains up, applause please… announcing Miss Shan-shine!

If I’m the sound stereo system that booms and rings in your ear, making lots of noise and racket, you’re the good ‘ole faithful listener that doesn’t switch the radio station to another.

Many a times I reminisce the memorable times I have had with good friends encountered through the years. Non-communication is not a denial of the depth and richness of our friendship – and for them I am grateful always – YL, CT, ET. Amazing women. True friends. My honor and joy.

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