Monday, July 24, 2006

Letter to Sis

Hi Sis,

Many of my friends are concerned if he is a man strong enough for me, given that I am strong-willed and stubborn by nature. He may be soft spoken, but he certainly isn't weak-willed or always giving in to me. In fact, sometimes I do wish he could pamper me a little more by giving in to my trivial whims and quirkiness. He is an intellectual sort of person, and not one who takes in every word people say is true - he has a mind of his own and is quick to be impartial in often biased situations. A down-to-earth and practical man, he shows me the practical side of Christianity. Where I am often pumped up by the Word of God, he teaches me the practical aspect of Christianity in terms of love for mankind, patience unto all, impartiality in judgments and opinions.

Whenever we have conflicting views, behaviorals and attitudes, we make it a point to make up asap - usually not more than an hour. Not wanting to allow emotional "walls" to build and grow thicker and stronger between us, we'd always focus on the importance of reconciliation rather than proving who's right or wrong or preserving our personal pride. Our love and commitment to each other take higher priority over our differences.

People often look at us and seeing how well our relationship is going, will always say this is only the beginning stage - that things will roughen and cracks will start to surface and our differences will mount and threaten to overflow. I don't deny we live in an imperfect world and in every relationship, there will be testings and difficulties to overcome. I am certainly praying for God's grace and hand of protection over this relatonship - that we may stay together and in God - come what may.

Finally, I pray that you are accustoming well to your husband's family and friends and the life in UK.

Love you and praying for your joy, health and life,


James said...

be blessed in your relationship, NG, and may your love last much much longer than the "temporary glue" of attraction. :)

Angeline Tan said...

Thanks thanks!! Certainly so! I believe frens' prayers and support are important and impertinent to each r'ship. ;)