Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Images From Home

What I love most about going back home is the surrealism of the land... there's always plenty of room for reflection and nostalgia - a nation that stands proud upon the foundation of its forefathers, a multi-racial people to watch and comprehend of their life experiences, the swinging progress and regress of order and chaos (ironic I know - it puzzles me too!).

In short, invaluable lessons to be learnt.

[P/S: I've more iconic pictures to be uploaded. Hang in there.]

National Emblem Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

Family Vehicle Another One

Welcome to Permas Jaya
Freeway to Permas Jaya

My Secondary School... ahh.. nostalgic Convent... ;)

Left behind
U don't find these around much these days, do u?

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