Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Journey to Ironhood: Week 24

Week 24 (20-26 Jun):

I've been asked a lot if my husband mind that I spend many an hour training, away from him and with other men.

So just the other day, after a long 188km bike ride and almost an entire day of absence, I turned to my husband and popped him the question.

With a smile, he shook his head.

Why not, I asked. I mean, the long hours apart, the company of men I keep, etc.

You set my heart at ease, he said.

In other words trust.

Besides, I get to do my own work too, he added.

He's a man of intense focus, and when he works on his projects, he does so unflinchingly.

Your temper has improved too, he concluded.

That came as a surprise. An improved temper with sports? As I thought about it, it made sense.

You see, I've always had trouble channeling my abundant energy to good use.

From the day I learnt to walk, I've been zipping in and out of the house, doing anything and everything perceivable to put my limbs to constructive use. Apart from an extremely varied sporting involvement in school, I frequently found myself at a loss for activities to engage in, sometimes getting into trouble; often times restless and listless.

Thus with a newfound devotion and commitment to a single sporting event that demands all the energy I could offer, my husband saw the good triathlon is doing me, and our marriage. Both he and I could focus our strengths and energy on things that matter to us; projects out of which we derive our greatest fulfillment. And with that, we have lesser opportunities for conflicts and argument, given that whatever time we have between us is valuable.

So there, for the many things I've been blessed with: a great nice big playground in Malaysia to grow up in, many a spanking lessons from my parents for getting into trouble, many a medals and trophies for putting my energy to effective sporting use throughout my schooling years, great and supportive friends and athletes that form a gregarious community to train and laugh with; above all these, I'm blessed with perhaps the largest hearted, most understanding, encouraging, edifying and visionary husband... thank you Larling!!

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