Tuesday, April 25, 2006

If I Never Knew

If I never knew I was made for great things:

i'd be really ordinary
i'd live & let die
i'd settle for mediocrity
i'd not dream, let alone dream big

i'd see the world in black & white - why bother about colors

i'd get high, drunk, hang over & regret
i'd defy every possible rule that tries to govern me & my life
i'd rebel against authorities b'coz i'd want things my way on my terms
i'd be utterly selfish b'coz each man for his own

i'd slog for wealth & fame
i'd rise in arrogance & despise low graders
i'd be real cynical & judgmental & self righteous
i'd be pretty on the outside & real ugly & messed up on the inside

Scary thought, isn't it? Thank God I am told again & again that I am made for great things. Thank God I don't just live for myself - I have my Lord & the world to live for. M1's slogan put it best - ONE LIFE, LIVE IT!

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