Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Statistics: Pastorship

From the book "Pastors At Risk":

Consider what pastors think about work, home, and lifestyles as reported in a recent survey conducted by Leadership magazine:

1) 94% feel pressured to have an ideal family;

2) The top 6 problems in clergy marriages are:
  • 81%, insufficient time;
  • 71%, use of money;
  • 70%, income level;
  • 64%, communication difficulties;
  • 63%, congregational expectations; and
  • 57%, differences over leisure;
3) 24% have received or are receiving marital counseling;

4) 33% of pastors are dissatisfied with the level of sexual intimacy in their marriages; and pastors report 16% of their spouses are dissatisfied, which 69% blame on their busy schedule, 54% on their spouse's schedule, and 35% on frequent night church meetings;

5) 22% seek supplemental income to make ends meet;

6) 28% feel current compensation is inadequate;

7) 69% of the spouses work outside the home to make ends meet;

8) 67% of the pastors feel positive about their spouses working outside their home;

9) 9% of clergy have had extramarital affairs;

10) 19% have had inappropriate sexual contact with another person other than their spouse;

11) 55% of clergy have no one with whom they can discuss their sexual temptation.

Now who says that life is a bed of roses for the spiritual? Even pastors have it tough in their lives.

May you find comfort in knowing that the most imperfect of lives can love & serve God fervently, if only one is willing.

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