Wednesday, April 05, 2006

One Love

Sunshine, on the horizon
Over two young lovers, while its goin' down
Somewhere, the same sun rises,
On another two lovers, as the world goes around

Same scene, played over and over
Same sweet passion, same warm blood
Softly speaking, the universal language
So many lovers ... One love

One love, might make a difference
Might take the walls, and tear them down
One light, might keep on shining
If we take one love and we spread it around

Old religions, new generations
Caught in a struggle about a righteous way
Can't see the forest for all the frustrations
So many lyin', so many dyin' .. but only one love

Too many stories we've all come and shared
Too many roads untraveled, all reach the same end
Same scene played over and over and over now
Same young passion, same red blood

Universal language, goes unspoken
Too much hatred, too much hatred now ... but only one love

-Hootie & The Blowfish

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