Monday, March 21, 2011

Journey to Ironhood: Week 10

Week 10 (14-20 Mar):

Love makes all things possible. I owe all I accomplish to nothing but love and support from friends and loved ones, my husband and God especially. The amazing experience just yesterday at the Aviva half IronMan is yet another, in what I hope would be a lifetime of greater feats and accomplishments.

I have never been more focused, elated and thrilled than to be on the course, swimming my lungs out against strong currents and getting mercilessly thrashed by thousands of stronger, well trained men and women during the 1.9km swim leg; fixing my gaze on the road ahead as I biked what seemed an endless 90km loop and feeling my heart sink each time I was overtaken by thousands of speeding bikes; and running my heart out in an elusive 21km track that finally saw me tearing as I was just 1km from the finishing point - utterly overwhelmed by His glory, His strength and might that brought me on this incredible journey.

I love endurance sports because it brings me to the core of my being, laying nothing on the race course but my rawest physical ability, mental strength and a total dependence on my Master.

When the hand is set on the plow, there's no turning back. It sets the mind, soul, body and spirit into a propelling motion to achieve greater and greater heights of physical, sporting endurance.

And Aviva 70.3 is just the beginning. As I press on to longer, further distances, may what I do not be a definition of my own dreams and aspirations, but a reflection of what the human body is capable of achieving, when we set our sights above.

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