Thursday, March 31, 2011

Journey to Ironhood: Week 11

Week 11 (21-27 Mar):

There are many things I can do without - diamonds, luxury goods, exotic holidays; but one of the few things I can't do without is physical exercise.

But that's exactly what I'm meant to do the week after Aviva 70.3, my first attempt at transforming my flesh into iron (kidding of course - Aviva 70.3 refers to a half IronMan triathlon race).

Forced to refrain from physical exercises to allow my micro tissues torn during the race to heal, I took the backseat of training, allowed indulgence to pilot its course, and guffawed in amusement as I found myself doing things I normally wouldn't (watching 3 movies in a row); eating stuff I usually don't (instant noodles, Cornetto ice cream); and thinking thoughts I usually guard zealously (a half IronMan is strenuous enough... a full IronMan? Twice the gruel, pain & perseverance? Are you sure you're up to it?)

Well, all of life's an experience and though I wished for the speedy departure of the week of rest and recovery, I appreciate the good it does me - reviving my vision and recharging my body for another 9 weeks of battle till May when I step onto Chinese soil for the first time, for the big IM.

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