Monday, March 07, 2011

Journey to Ironhood: Week 8

Week 8 (28 Feb - 6 Mar):

More than anything else, it's time away from the family that training demands. And for that I repent for the long periods away from my husband and family - slow breakfast on weekends, chat sessions over coffee and tea, a stress-free me.

But it's not all sob stories. I thoroughly enjoy wakin up at 4am every other weekday and weekend to train, each and every long ride under the scorching sun in Desaru on weekends; coming home with abrasions and sun rash that last for a week, recovered and to recur again the following week after another ride; but more importantly, getting to know amazing fellow triathletes, many of whom are graciously kind and generous souls.

That said, it's the tenacious human spirit that inspires me each time.

Just yesterday, during an epic 180km ride in Desaru, I came across a couple in their late sixties or even early seventies (judging by the saggy skin and deep-set wrinkles), who strapped large pannier bags onto their touring bikes and were in the midst of their bike tour from Bangkok to Singapore, covering a total distance of over 2,000km. A pair of grandies cycling over 2,000km! I pray my husband and I would embark on such adventures in our old age!

What more can I say? I'm humbled by so many who have gone before me, journeyed the road less travelled, and prevailed only to keep coming back for the challenge of competing in yet another Iron Man, season after season, year after year. Salute! And so here I come, treading after their footsteps.

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