Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Above All, Let Your Love Shine

Made an astute observation today. My aunt was saying that her granddaughter, Summer, is the most brilliant one in her play school. The other kids, left by themselves, are self sufficient, but Summer, left by her own, cries for attention. This brilliant kid can't be left by her own.

Immediately a couple of names flash through my mind and got me thinking - names like Isaac Newton & Vincent Van Gogh.

This is my take:
Despite popular belief that geniuses and brilliant people are recluse and loners, I'd like to think that deep inside they are actually unsettled individuals seeking assurance and comfort, because their expression having been the tremendous talents shown forth and poured out, are really empty within longing for a fresh infilling of affection & assurance, in recognition of their output.

Yet the conforming nature within which desires to live up to the social expectation of brilliant ones being self sufficient and independent, they cry out not for that which they so long. The constant repression gradually forms within them a security found in seclusion.

This is deception, if I may so boldly state. That which has caused the sanity and lives of many a great man and woman. Isaac Newton struggled with long term depression to the day of his death. Vincent Van Gogh struggled to be accepted & loved, and paid for his pain with his life. Ingeniuty wrapped in torment & agony.

This is my take... what's yours?


x said...

Wouldn't that lead to spoiling your children?

Angeline Tan said...

Haha, what I meant to say is that even geniuses need love & affection. They're not just all wrapped up in their brilliant world. They should be free to express the need for affection. And on a similar note, let us all then show forth love & kindness to people all around, b'cos we never know who may be in need of a lil' human touch. A lil' orphaned child, a worn out professor, a distressed mother, an abandoned granny. We may in turn be angels in disguise.